Sports enriches our lives


For many sports is just a silly game, similar to Hungry Hungry Hippos. But for others, it is a way of life and pastime that is irreplaceable. For me, sports is a way to connect with others and gauge interpersonal relationships. When I was young growing up in the Midwest, sports was something that was just part of the way we lived.

We supported the local YMCA and sports teams, while also developing our school teams, which led to us winning a number of divisional titles. All of this to say, sports was and still is a large part of my culture and the culture of many others.

Why are sports important?

Sports act not only as a way to define our culture, but also a way to connect with the world around us. Sports teams are healthy hubs for forging long-term friendships and supporting our local community and athletics. Not only do sports help us become closer as communities, but we also engage in healthy competition with our peers.

From a cultural standpoint, sports is the single best way for individuals within a community to come together and root for a common ally. Whether you are rich, poor, from the North or the South, everybody roots for the same team.


Sports is an integral way in which we, as humans interact and connect with those around us. It serves as a healthy outlet for aggression, while also building team work and other important life skills.


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Sports enriches our lives